This site will introduce and document the new Ares rocket from NASA, the vehicle that will take us back to the Moon and then onto Mars. The rocket's design takes elements of the current shuttle propulsion systems and combines that with a reusable Apollo mission-like crew capsule. The larger Ares rocket serves as a payload system for the lander while the smaller Ares I rocket carries the crew capsule and service module. The two units dock in Earth orbit prior to the trip to the Moon. Rocket testing is scheduled to begin in 2008, with the first manned flights in 2012. Please explore the site and take a look at our future in space!
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How we will get back to the Moon
By combining the best of the Apollo era capsules with shuttle propulsion technology and modern computing power, the new Ares rockets will take us back to the Moon.

Comparing Apollo and Ares
Although a first glance may seem like NASA is simply doing a "next generation" approach to returning to the Moon, technology will make this Moon mission different <MORE>

NASA's Vision for Space Travel in the 21st Century
Recent Space News
Why should we spend money on Space Flight?
Read different opinions on why space travel is not only a good investment, but also is needed for exploration and science <MORE>

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